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Current Disscusion

EN-EL3, EN-LE3a, and EN-EL3e

Nikon's EN-EL3 family batteries are widely used among Nikon's popular mid-range digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras, such as the D70, D80, D200, and D300. However, over time, Nikon has introduced three different versions of that battery: the original EN-EL3, the EN-EL3a, and the current EN-EL3e. Unfortunately, they are not completely interchangable.

All three versions are 7.4 volts and have the same external dimension.

The battery compartments in the D80, D200, and D300 are designed such that if one tries to insert an earlier EN-EL3 or EN-EL3a without the deeper groove, it would be blocked and one cannot close the little battery compartment door. However, the latest EN-EL3e can be used on all DLSR models, new and old, mentioned above.

The MH-18 Charger

There are also two versions of the corresponding charger, the MH-18 and MH-18a. The MH-18a is slightly smaller. All versions of the EN-EL3 batteries can be charged on either charger. Both chargers are dual ranged, compatible with 100V to 240V AC. As long as there is the right style of adapter plug, one can directly plus an MH-18 into any outlet around the world without any transformer.