Photos and Videos from around the world
Video Clips from my YouTube collection.

Chasing Shark (0:14)

Orchid Blossom Speedup Video (0:33)

AlmostTarctica Overture

AlmostTarctica Overture (1:15)

Black Browed Albatross

Black Browed Albatross (1:15)

Gentoos Fly in Water

Gentoos Fly in Water (1:19)

Elephant Seals

Elephant Seals (2:44)

Kings Penguins

King Climbing (0:54)

Grey Headed Albatross

Grey Headed Albatross (0:57)

Sooty Mantled Albatross

Sooty Mantled Albatross (1:18)

Giant Petrel

Giant Petrel (0:17)

Southern Polar Bear

Southern Polar Bear (1:01)

FireFly keeping me company... (2:17)

Bugz - March of the Ants (2:09)